August 11, 2015

Bulk Orders

Do you want a fantastic return on your giveaway investment?

Consider that most giveaways consist of the same, tired and ineffective merchandise. Apparel, water bottles, sticky notes, and keychains are just a few items that bore prospects. Your message fades quickly with boredom.

A great book is different. Why? Because your firm captures that important Top Of Mind immediately.

And the best part? A book has an indefinite shelf life that your marketing can leverage. No t-shirt can stand up to that kind of ROI!

3dcover2.pngDiscounts are based on the Quantity ordered.

  • Quantity Needed:      1-24     at Price of $19.99/book. Order on Amazon.
  • 15% off of Quantity   25-499    at Price of $16.99/book.
  • 35% off of Quantity >500   at Price of $12.99/book. Perfect for Trade Show Giveaways

For discounts, submit a Bulk Order Request.

Perfect for tradeshows, seminars, and prospect meetings.

Do you want a high impact, long lasting giveaway for your data center product or service? Give this book. After all, what is one closed prospect worth to your firm?

Want something customized? Let’s start with a conversation — .

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