December 13, 2014

High Impact, Long Lasting Prospect and Tradeshow Giveaway

Do you want a fantastic return on your giveaway investment?

Consider that most giveaways consist of the same, tired and ineffective merchandise. Apparel, water bottles, sticky notes, and keychains are just a few items that bore prospects. Your message fades quickly with boredom.

A great book is different. Why? Because your firm captures that important Top Of Mind immediately.

And the best part? A book has an indefinite shelf life that your marketing can leverage. No t-shirt can stand up to that kind of ROI!

3dcover2.pngConsider these High Impact, Long Lasting prospect giveaway ideas for your prospects and existing customers:

  • Electronic Book Delivery — Deliver a copy of the book using your existing online methods.
  • Physical Book Delivery — Order printed books to hand personally to your clients and prospects.
  • Your Brand, Your Message — Several options exist to include your marketing copy, logo, and links in the Promotional section of the book.

Perfect for tradeshows, seminars, and prospect meetings.

Do you want a high impact, long lasting giveaway for your data center product or service?

Then contact me. Let’s start with a conversation — .

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